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How To Breakdance – Footwork Combo – Tony The Tyger (Mad Action Crew)

This tutorial is taught by Tony the Tyger from Mad Action Crew out of Modesto, CA. He started dancing in 1993 and still continues to practice his craft. Tony is what I like to call a true underground bboy, so I felt I needed to give him some recognition, and have him share some knowledge with you all. In this tutorial he teaches a basic combo you can use. After learning it make sure you play with it and make it your own. Have fun!!! – VincaniTV

Invisible Chair – Dance Tutorial

The tutorial showcases the invisible chair dance moves.

One Year of Dancing ~ Dubstep Skills By Lizardboii

The video showcases the dubstep skills by Lizardboii.

Move Slow – Dubstep Dancer

The video showcases the dubstep dancer which we are sure that you can’t miss out.

Indian Street Dancer – Shael Singh – Rang Sanwla Aarsh Benipal

The video showcases the Indian street dancer Shael Singh.

How To Take Dance Lessons On A Budget?

Many independent dancers cannot afford to pay for single class classes. On average, a 10-lesson card can cost up to $220, while a single class can cost between $10 and $ 20, to fit and keep dancing without breaking the bank, dancers need to be creative, especially when they are on a budget. Your family may have trouble paying for dance classes for many reasons. You may come from a large clan with a limited budget or your mother just lost her job. In any case, if you are serious about dance, there are ways to solve the problem of dancing and getting the necessary dance training.

Keep in Touch

Always check on your former dance teacher, ask if there is an opportunity to attend their classes for free or if there are free classes at home, at university, or another dance school. Your student network is also a great resource.

Practice area

If you are in college, take advantage of the free practice space at your school’s fitness centers. You may not have daily access to it as it is sometimes hard to find a time when it is available. Some schools offer supervised dance practices that can be a good deal, especially if you can get information from a coach. Some practice area can provide access to a multifunctional gym. This can be a good deal if you also use a gym regularly.

Go for Auditions

Although auditions can be stressful and do not provide a calm learning environment that a class offers, the courses offered are often free. Open competitions are an opportunity to practice and learn new moves, improve your listening skills and connect with other dancers.

Practice Everywhere

Practice in front of the mirror, with a friend or someone you just met, the only way to develop your skills is to repeat steps. Of course, it seems ridiculous to you at first, but you will be the envy of your friends when you can finally see the dance floor. Do not be afraid to ask people to engage you too. When you start learning a new dance, you should meet people who would like to show you movements, even if they are not teachers. Maybe he/she can help in an empty corner of a dance hall with people who do not dance or on the walkway.

Looking elsewhere

You can find free or inexpensive lessons outside the typical study environment. For example, you can take dance practices hip-hop at a local center instead of paying for a similar class in a dance studio. You can also watch online videos to learn new techniques and keep you informed. Remember that recreational classes will only take up to a certain point and that the video cannot improve the position or the musicality, these options should not act in addition to more intense training.

Private lessons

Many coaches offer a discount to students, so feel free to ask if this applies to you. An alternative is to participate in open classes, which is generally perceived as less professional. Another way to save money is to take lessons from time to time, take all the information seriously and join the dance so that each subsequent lesson can focus on a new concept. 


I do not have much experience in using educational videos, but they can be an excellent alternative to lessons if you cannot afford one, or if you want an easily accessible source of practice. Full DVDs are not very economical, but they can save money in the long run.

Take Fast Loans

Living your dreams can be difficult and expensive, especially when it is not bringing in money at the moment. But doing what gives you joy is paramount. Consider taking fast loans that do not require credit checks. This will enable you to pay for dance classes while doing what you love.

How To Glide & Float Dance Tutorial

The tutorial showcases how to glide and do the floats dance.

Epic Dubstep Popping Freestyle

The video showcases the epic dubstep popping freestyle.

How-To – Table Drums Demo

View online the Demo of Tabla Drums to demonstrate this great Indian musical instrument.

LizardBoii 1 Year Of Dancing – Bump The Bass Remix

The video showcases the Lizardboli’s bump the bass remix.

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