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Amazing Dance Skills – Losing Myself

The excellent video by ItsMRich showing amazing dance skills on losing myself.

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Les Twins Killing It In Philly – Larry & Laurent Bourgeois

The great video showcasing Larry & Laurent Bourgeois, dancing on Les Twins Killing It In Philly.

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Activity Songs For Kids – Buzz Adapted 4 Music Therapy Instrument Song

A great music therapy song for children / kids, and even some adolescents. Margie takes a favorite kid’s song written by Laurie Berkner and adapts it for music therapy purposes- such as improving skills in waiting, attending and turn-taking.

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Female Dancer – Bobo The Robo – Chain Hang Low Dubstep

The video showcases the female dancer, Bobo The Robo performing on the chain hang low dubstep.

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Crazy Dubstep Animaton Dance – Too Much Dubstep Movement

The video showcases the crazy dubstep animation dance.

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13 Year Old Dancer From Romania – Optimus Prime Dance – Skrillex

The video showcases the amazing excellent 13 year old dancer from Romania.

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Freestyle Dancer – Gho5tlok – Drunk Tonight

The video showcases the freestyle dance Gho5lok.

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42 Year Old Pops Getting Down

The video showcases how the 42 year old pops getting down in a dance tutorial.

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Female Dancer Gabby David ~ On The Floor Shapes

The video showcases the female dancer Gabby David dancing on β€œOn the Floor Shapes.”

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15 Year Old Freestyle Dancer – Reign

The video showcases the 15 year old freestyle dancer Reign.

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