How To Write Songs That Sell-free Music Lyrics

Have you ever had any of these things happen with your music?

You wrote a song you felt was really strong, but it just didn’t get the response you hoped for. You were thinking it would be the song to propel you to greatness, but it never happened.

You had a song that people told you they loved, but still no one actually bought it or told their friends about it.

You submitted a song to a radio station or for placement in a TV show or film, but never heard back from anyone, leaving you to believe your song wasn’t up to their standards.

You posted your song to a social media site, thinking you’d get a ton of great feedback, but hardly anyone commented on it at all. And if someone did, it was one of your friends.

Or maybe you’ve written a great song that had some success, but you haven’t been able to recreate that experience for yourself.

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