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How To GLIDE (Gliding Dance Tutorial for Beginners)

The video teaches you that how to GLIDE. In simple words, it is a gliding dance tutorial for beginners.

How To Play Easy Beginner Guitar Songs

How to play Easy Beginner Guitar Songs

Here is the classic acoustic guitar song, Wonderwall by Oasis. The chords sound great in this song, but its the strumming that is the tricky part for most people. It uses a 16th Strumming pattern (lots of strums!) – Andy Crowley

Oud Lesson For Beginners

Oud Lesson for Beginners - Arab Instruments

Our oud master (Maestro Barhum) will teach you how to play the oud. This lesson will be good for a beginner players and will contain the following subjects: Holding the oud and the plectrum (the “Reesha”), The numbers and names of the chords, Holding the oud’s neck with the left hand, Stretching the oud’s strings to the keys, Names of the musical scales and playing the chords up to the first octave, Tuning the oud’s chords (duzan), Playing the chords up to the middle of the third octave, Explaining the Ajam scale (major) and the way to play it, Explaining the Ajam scale (major) and the way to play it, Explaining the Nahawand scale (minor) and the way to play it, Exercises.

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