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You may link to any pages within the site should you wish to do so, but please be aware that some content may be removed when its copyright expires.

Radio36 is not responsible for the content of external links from this website.

Embedded Radio36 Station Player

You may use the Embedded Radio36 Station Player to embed radio from this site on other internet sites or mobile applications for non-commercial use only. This means that you may not directly or indirectly charge others for accessing or listening to the audio clip, or commercialise in any way.

The software code of the Embedded Radio36 Station Player is made available to you to copy and paste the Radio36 Station Player into the other internet site so that the radio station can be played on that other site. The radio station is made available on a non-exclusive basis.

You may not display or allow access to the radio station on any content sharing website or where it is on or in connection with certain restricted products or services, namely those products or services which:

  • contain pornography and sexually explicit content;
  • contain offensive text or images;
  • incite hatred on any grounds or otherwise encourage or facilitate anti-social behaviour;
  • contain gratuitous violence or promote, encourage or facilitate violence;
  • promote, encourage or facilitate terrorism or other activities that risk national security;
  • discriminate against any specific social group or otherwise exploit vulnerable sections of society;
  • promote, facilitate or encourage illegal activity;
  • are misleading, defamatory, or that contain illegal or otherwise objectionable content;
  • infringe individual privacy;
  • put the welfare of children at risk;
  • Radio36 reasonably considers may damage Radio36’s reputation or may otherwise bring Radio36 into disrepute.

You may not use the Embedded Radio36 Station Player to distribute software viruses or other harmful code that may harm this site or the content available on this site.

The Embedded Radio36 Station Player, software code relating to the Embedded Radio36 Station Player and the audio content may not be changed, edited or added to.

Radio36 reserves the right to remove any audio content (including your access to that clip through the Embedded Radio36 Station Player) where Radio36 considers that:

  • the clip itself contains anything misleading, defamatory or objectionable, or otherwise would bring Radio36 into disrepute; or may cause Radio36 to incur liability to any third party; or
  • the software code relating to the clip contains any software viruses or harmful code; or
  • you have displayed or allowed access to the radio station in connection with a restricted product or service (as described above).

Radio36 does not guarantee the Embedded Audio Player or the audio clip itself will be available continuously or will operate error free.

Podcast Feeds

These feeds are for personal use only. No audio or text may be posted to a website, distributed to a third party or broadcast via any means including (but not limited to) radio, television and the internet, other than by using the Embedded Radio36 Station Player in accordance with these Terms of Use, except with the express permission of Radio36.

All material is copyright Radio36 or used by permission.

RSS Feeds

The RSS Feeds must not be used to aggregate content on other websites. They are intended for personal use only.

Programme Schedules

Despite the CC BY-ND 3.0 Licence that applies to our programme schedules, you may adapt our programme schedules and create and distribute new works or use our programme schedule data in software to display the schedule or parts of it, provided you comply with these requirements:

  • You must not alter the programme, time and other information in the schedules (and all parts of it);
  • You must identify “Radio36” as the source of the programme schedules;
  • You must not assert or imply any connection with, sponsorship or endorsement by Radio36 of your use of the programme schedules, without our separate, express prior written permission;
  • You may only use Radio36’s logos in relation to your work if you obtain separate prior, written permission from Radio36.
  • Except as required by law or as otherwise agreed in writing between you and Radio36, the programme schedules are licensed by Radio36 on an “as is” and “as available” basis and without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied.
  • These adaptation rights granted to you shall terminate automatically upon any breach by you of any of these terms or any of the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-ND 3.0 Licence.

Collection of Data

Radio36 may analyse non-personalised information about the use of this site for statistical purposes and to continually improve it and improve Radio36’s services.

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